Russian Language Undergraduate Studies


As RLUS does not arrange the accommodation, the prices are set by the centre where you will be studying. These are the latest figures provided by our centres. Please check this file again shortly before you leave. If you are on a 32 or 36 week course, the price for accommodation may increase in the spring term.

Prices of Accommodation

The rouble exchange rate in recent times has varied between 75 and over 100 roubles to the pound. To find today’s rate go to or download the xe app on your tablet or phone.

You will be given instructions on how to pay on arrival. You should expect to pay in cash one month in advance in roubles and to give one month’s notice if you plan to move out into your own accommodation – or pay a month’s rent in lieu of notice. Please read the Money section of the website for how to get roubles.
Please note that you will not be given the address of your homestay accommodation before you arrive in Russia. Please read the Accommodation arranged for your section for more details.