Russian Language Undergraduate Studies

Russian Language Undergraduate Studies (RLUS) is a non-profitmaking educational charity, which arranges language courses for students of Russian at British universities during their year abroad.

As you are all aware, the Covid 19 pandemic created enormous complications for study in, and indeed travel to, Russia. Students were able to study in Russia in the first semester of the 2021-22 academic year, and we were hopeful that this would be possible in the next academic year as well. However, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has put paid to this.

At present the Foreign Office advice is not to travel to Russia at all because of the limited options for leaving the country. Accordingly, all study in Russia has been suspended. RLUS is, however, working on developing courses on the Russian language in Tallinn, Estonia. Estonia was part of the Soviet Union and Russian is widely spoken there. It is also a very beautiful country. We will put details of the courses on the RLUS website as soon as they have been finalised. We will also continue to monitor the situation in Russia closely and inform students of any new developments.

Please note that RLUS only arranges courses between September and June and does not arrange individual tuition. There are other course providers available (although not via RLUS). You may want to discuss these other options with your RLUS Liaison Officer.

Travelling to Russia

Please visit the UK  government website for the updated to date advice on travelling to Russia

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