Russian Language Undergraduate Studies


The price list is in two parts: the course fee and administration charge. The administration charge covers the costs of employing the student representatives in Russia and the costs of running the company in the UK.

You will also have added to your invoice the cost of the visa invitation, which you will need to obtain a visa for Russia. This is currently £35. If we receive a paper invitation and you want it sent to an adress outside the UK, you will have to pay the cost of courier postage, currently an extra £45. Experience has shown that the ordinary British postal system is not reliable enough to send such documents outside of the UK.

return travel to Russia
accommodation in Russia
insurance (unless your university provides it)
obtaining a Russian visa

There is likely to be a small charge on arrival in Russia to register your visa.

Other costs for regular courses:
1) Return travel to and from Russia
2) Insurance You must have insurance before travelling to Russia. This may be provided by your university.
There are further details in the Insurance document on this website.
3) Obtaining a Russian visa in UK or in your country of residence: there are further details in the How to apply for
a visa file in the Visa section of the website.
4) Visa invitation fee £35. This will be added on to the invoice and is payable to RLUS.
5) Registration in Russia and conversion of your single entry visa to a multi-entry one.
This is payable on arrival in Russia.
6) Accommodation All of our centres will provide accommodation, which you must pay for in Russia. The details
and costs are in the Accommodation section of the website.
7) Travel in Russia If you arrive on the recommended flight or can be at the airport to meet the flight and have
booked accommodation from your course organiser, you will be taken free of charge to your accommodation. For all
courses apart from Kazan you will be taken back to the airport or have a train ticket provided.