Russian Language Undergraduate Studies


RLUS does not itself arrange accommodation. However, all of our universities and institutes will arrange accommodation for you and for reasons of security you are advised to live in this accommodation. All of our centres will arrange homestay accommodation. You will have your own room and be provided with breakfast. A few centres offer hostel or hotel accommodation. There are details of the costs and what is available in the Accommodation costs page.

RLUS understands that you would like details of where you will be staying. I regret that RLUS cannot help. Russians often change their mind about accepting students at the last moment and we do not wish to give you incorrect information. If parents or friends want to contact you, before you have had time to ring or e-mail them, please ask them to e-mail the RLUS representative: for Moscow, Tver, Kazan and Yaroslavl courses; for St Petersburg and Petrozavodsk courses. If you are planning to make your own way to your accommodation, please e-mail the RLUS representative a few days before departure to find out where you will be staying. If you are at all unhappy with accommodation arranged for you, please do not suffer in silence. Talk to the university or institute where you are studying or to the RLUS student representative. Most problems can be sorted out very quickly. If necessary, you can be found alternative accommodation.

If you live in accommodation arranged for you and you arrive on the group flight (or are able to wait for the group flight) and give us good advance notice of your arrival plans, you will be taken free of charge to your accommodation. If you want accommodation to be arranged for you, please complete the accommodation form for the centre where you will be studying and send it with your booking form to Dr Bivon. This will be passed on to the university or institute in Russia.

If you wish to cancel your accommodation you must inform us at least one month before the start of the course. After that date you will be required to pay up to a month’s rent in lieu of notice. If at any time you wish to leave your homestay accommodation, you must give a month’s notice in writing to the course organiser. If you leave your accommodation without notice, you will be required to pay up to a month’s rent in lieu of notice. If you fail to make any accommodation payments (including payment in lieu of notice), the course organisers have the right to withdraw you from the course, cancel your visa and oblige you to leave Russia.

If you plan to arrange your own accommodation, please make sure you read the Arranging your own accommodation page. Please note that RLUS will not be able to provide free travel, even if you are on the group flight. If you move into your own accommodation, you will be expected to make your own way to the airport at your own expense at the end of the course.