Russian Language Undergraduate Studies


There are RLUS representatives in both Moscow and St Petersburg. The Moscow representatives also look after students in Yaroslavl, Kazan’ and Tver. They will normally meet those of you on the group flight on arrival in Russia and make sure that you are taken to your accommodation. If the course is not in Moscow or St Petersburg, they will make sure that you will be taken on to your destination.

The RLUS representatives are there to provide help and support throughout your stay in Russia. They are available 24/7 in case of emergency. In Moscow and St Petersburg they will arrange to meet students on a regular basis. They will give advice on a variety of topics, but they will not, for example, be able accompany you to shops or to buy train or air tickets for you.

It is not possible for RLUS to provide representatives in Yaroslavl, Kazan and Tver. These centres will provide you with a high level of support and give all the information you need about the town, where you are studying. The RLUS representatives in Moscow or St Petersburg will appoint a group leader and will maintain regular contact with him or her by phone or e-mail. They will visit the student group about two weeks after arrival.

If you wish to work as a RLUS student representative, please check the link JOB OPPORTUNITIES.

Please go to the Contacts page for the the details of the current representatives.