Russian Language Undergraduate Studies


On arrival at the Moscow or St Petersburg airport, you will first go through passport control. In Moscow and St Petersburg the immigration officer will give you a migration card that s/he will produce electronically. Please make sure that your migration card is stamped by the immigration officer. You must retain it, as it will be difficult to register without it or if it does not have a stamp. If you arrive in Russia by train or bus, please make sure that you fill out a migration card and have it stamped.

At Moscow or St Petersburg airports you will then collect your luggage and go through customs. You should go through the green channel. If you are taking any valuable equipment with you (such as a laptop or an expensive camera), you are advised to bring a copy of the purchase receipt with you, so that if there is any query when leaving the country, you can prove that you did not purchase it in Russia. Russians may refer to the receipt as the article’s “passport”. Please note that Russia has a habit of changing customs rules without warning. Please check the Foreign Office website shortly before departure for the latest information.

If your baggage is lost, please go to the lost baggage counter and report it. Let someone else in the group know, so that the representative meeting you knows that you have been delayed. British Airways should deliver the baggage to an address you choose: it is a good idea to have the address of the centre where you are studying to hand. If you don’t have the address, you can exit customs, find the RLUS representatives, and they will return to the lost baggage counter and provide the address.

If you are on the recommended flight, after you have passed through customs, you will be met by a representative of RLUS and the institution at which you are going to study. Moscow and St Petersburg students will be taken directly to their accommodation. Students studying in Tver, Yaroslavl, and Kazan can expect to be taken by bus or train.

The cost of this travel has been included in your course fee, provided that you arrive with the group and are staying in accommodation provided by the Russian partner institution you are studying at. If you arrive separately from the group (or have found your own accommodation) and require meeting, you should expect to pay for this service and you should not expect to be met by the RLUS representative. When you arrive at your accommodation, your host family will explain how to get to the place you are studying at, or may even take you. There are maps of the centres on the website.


Directions to Central School
Language Link’s central school in Moscow is situated fairly near the city centre, within five minutes’ walk of (Novoslobodskaya) metro station. Turn right out of the metro. Walk past the large green shopping mall called Дом Дружбы. Once you come to end of the shopping mall turn right and walk down the alley-way until you reach the road (ул Сущевская). Turn left up the road and keep walking. The main entrance to Language Link’s Central School is up the steps just past the buffet-style restaurant (Вокзал / Vokzal). There is a turnstile and a security guard, go-in and walk up the corridor, at the end of the corridor on the right there is a staircase. Go up the staircase and the Central School is on the 2nd floor next to a large Language Link sign.


The monestry (right)

Smol'nyy Cathedral

When you get to the monastery, go right and walk around to the back of the cathedral, indicated on the map above, shown on the picture (right)

Once you’re in the door, turn right. Office number 114 will be on your left. Lyuba in this office is the course coordinator. She is responsible for your accommodation, registration, documents etc. She can also assist with other questions. If in doubt, please ask us!

  Yaroslavl State University is situated on Красная площадь. The courses will take place on floor 3.

The courses at Tver State University take place on улица Желябова in a building next to the main university building.


Profsoyuznaya Ulitsa, 13/16, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia,