Russian Language Undergraduate Studies


Some students prefer to arrange their own accommodation. You must let RLUS know that you plan to do this on your booking form. If you have opted for accommodation arranged by the Russian university or institute, you can cancel this at any time up to a month before arrival. After that date, you may be liable to pay the first month’s rent as a cancellation fee.

If you arrange your own accommodation, you cannot expect assistance from the RLUS representatives if any problem arises. You are advised to check carefully the safety of any accommodation that you choose and the terms of the tenancy.

You will have to be registered in your accommodation by the owners. You are advised to check how much the cost of registration will be. Some students, who arranged their accommodation through Airbnb, discovered that they were were being asked for a very large sum of money before the owner would hand over the registration documents. Without the documents you will not be registered and you will be living illegally.

RLUS is not able to give advice on how to find your own accommodation and is not able to provide you with lists of accommodation agencies. If RLUS did so, we could be held liable, if problems arose with the agency or with the accommodation.

Please note that RLUS cannot provide free travel to accommodation that you arrange yourself, even if you are on the group flight. You must either make your own way there or ask for a taxi to be arranged to meet you. You will be expected to pay for this taxi. The RLUS representatives will be able to advise you of the costs.